So far, a trip to Neskowin.



A good start this year!  We had a good trip to Road’s End in Lincoln City, Oregon in January and just returned from a two-night outing to Heceta Head, Oregon.  We plan on making another trip this summer, so stay tuned.


2011 included outings to several Oregon Coast locations including Seal Rock, Cape Arago,  and Fogarty Creek.


2010 included our first experiments with digital photography.  All our color and light were still done on location and NOT in a computer!  In addition to breakthroughs in the studio, we had great outings to Port Orford, Oregon and to the caves and lava lands in the Bend, Oregon area.


The 2000’s saw a maturing of the work with much less hit and miss.  All work was still done on film with no darkroom layering.  All light and color was done on location.


Early explorations with light painting.  All images were done on film with no layering in the darkroom.  All color and light were done on location.